In my opinon what speaks to the credibility of a speaker is the impact and connection they have with the audience. I witnessed over 400 students and staff being truly inspired by Rick's message. It transformed the audience. Never have I seen an audience respond the way they did when he concluded his presentation. I had students asking me when he was coming back, 10 minutes after his presentation was over. In addition to his keynote, he did a workshop for 50 of our school's student leaders. Several staff members and I sat in on the workshop and we were as engaged as the students were. His masterful way of engaging students to learn is nothing short of amazing. Rick will be back to facilitate other workshops and do assemblies because of the changes he created while at our school. I am definitely going to recommend him to other school administration.

Cari L. Buehler, Superintendent
Danbury Local Schools


I have been a school administrator for 18 years. During that period I have hired you to do 13 school presentations for students. You conducted a 3-hour professional development workshop for teachers from three school districts. Your ability to motivate, inspire and give specific yet practical tips on how to create change, overcome challenges and obstacles in their personal and professional lives is both powerful and motivational beyond belief! I will continue to have you be a part of creating an enviorment of success for our school in years to come.

Dan Schroer, Superintendent
Springboro Schools


I have no words to explain the impact you have year after year on the partcipants at RYLA! After hiring you 22 times I am more amazed each time I hear you speak. Everyone that sees the evaluations are amazed that your ratings are off the charts year after year! You are flat out the most exciting and motivating speaker I have ever seen. I have been to a number of sessions at the United Center where you pay to listen to celebrities and "big name" speakers. I can truly say they are not as good as you! Your message is one that last a lifetime and it impacts both students and adults alike! As long as I am running RYLA you wil be a part of each conference - I am looking forward to hearing you at least another 22 times!

Sean Nelson, Director
RYLA #6440


Rick Metzger provided a powerful, engaging and entertaining message to our staff during opening day of our in-service training. Our staff members laughed and cried. They were challeneged and inspired to be the best and make a difference serving the needs of all students. One of my teachers said to me, "That was the most eye-opening, amazing presentation I have been a part of in my 20 years of being in education!"

Guy Parmigian, Superintendent
Benton-Caroll-Salem School District

My 10th grade daughter sat down with me tonight.We had a very thoughful and deep conversation after she heard you speak at school today. I need to personally say "THANK YOU", for what you did for my daughter. Your speech opened doors that I did not realize needed to be opened in her life. The fears and challenges that she shared with me were heartbreaking. We talked about a lot of deep and hurtful issues and she shared with me she was capable, willing and able to end her life because of all the failure, pain and fear she is feeling. She said she needed to share these things with me because you helped her understand her life had meaning and purpose. She said, "Mom, I am scared and I need help!" Tomorrow we are going to get professional help so she can continue on with her life. I am so thankful that you were there for my daughter and I hope and pray that you will continue to be there for other teens that need you! You are a gift from above!

Laura D.
Parent of a 10th Grade student

During your speech I had my eyes opened because I felt like you were talking only to me! I have spent too many years of my life making excuses . No more "I can'ts!" that ended today when your program was over! I went and sat with my coach and the first thing I did was apologize for wasting his time. The second thing I did was to ask him to help me set goals to get my life on track. I want to set goals and accomplish them!

I am so sorry I have not been in touch, here is an update. In 5 weeks I am graduating! What an amazing journey the last 14 months have been for me. I needed to let you know a few things: I have a whole new group of friends, I received the award for most improved football player on our team, I raised my GPA (All A's including exams!), I have been accepted into the college I wanted, and I have been selected to give the class address at graduation. My parents still say they are not sure who I am! I tell them I am just me and this is just the start. I am never going to be able to repay you for what you did for me, but saying thank you comes form the bottom of my heart. I hope you will be at my graduation so you can hear what I have to say about you. Also, I wanted you to know I am still using my "PIG" card every day!

Zach D.
High School Graduate


I have watched a lot of speakers. It's my job. Most of them are good, some are marginal, and a very few are excellent. After watching you in action before a gymnasium of 3,500 teenagers, I put you in the "WOW" category. I hear a lot of speakers talk about changing people's lives but watching your performance, I literally saw it happen today!

Dale Irvin, CSP, CPAE
Professional Summarizer


Our Annual Chamber Awards Banquet is known as a premier event in our area. This year we hit a home run having Rick Metzger as our guest speaker! Rick's energetic, high energy, entertaining, thought provoking, motivational and inspirational presentation was more than we could have hoped for this year at our banquet. I would definitely recommend Rick to any group whether young, old or anywhere in between.

Pam Buschur, Director
Celina-Mercer Chamer of Commerce


THANK YOU! You did it again! I can always count on you to deliver a program that will not only engage, make them laugh, but causes them to think about themselves and how they can make personal changes. You make our minds spin and we begin to dream dreams that were long forgotten. You lead us through steps that need to be taken to build dreams into reality. The biggest gain from your most recent program is a sign that now hangs in our staff area - it simply says "NEGATIVE FREE ZONE, Thank you for your cooperation." I look forward to having you back to engage us in the near future.

Angie Barney,Business Manager
Mass Mutual Financial Group


Rick, your message was not only insightful, motivational, but also entertaining. You opened our eyes with your intensity, brought us wisdom through self-examination and captivated us with your high energy. You met every goal we discussed and provided more than we could have ever hoped for from a program. You truly redefine the word professional.

Anita Dunipace, Vice President
American Cancer Society Northwest Region